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Re: Cannot build from cvs on the new machine...

From: Andrew Gaylard
Subject: Re: Cannot build from cvs on the new machine...
Date: Wed, 07 Dec 2005 08:50:58 +0200
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Atwood, Robert C wrote:

>Just thougth I  would try an update, but encoutner the following
>problem. It seems that a test in the configuration (and possibly other
>tests) yeilds the opposite value to that seen when actually compiling. I
>am not sure how to figure out what's going on with macros during
>configure, the same process succeeds on the 'old' machine so I'm
>guessing it's something to do with 64 bits
>New machine:
>Linux distribution=Suse-9.1
>Arch=x86_64 (intel Pentium em64t)
>Old machine:
>Linux distribution=RedHat 7.3 + selfbuilt upgrades as necessary (ie
>autoconf, automake, )
>Arch=i686 (intel Pentium)
>----extracts are all from new machine, it worked fine on old machine----
>(from config.log)
>   4242 configure:24705: checking for setrlimit declaration in
>   4243 configure:24756: result: no
Robert, the way I dig into these problems is to grep for the
message, in this case "checking for setrlimit declaration"
in "configure".  Once you find it, look at what code it compiles.
That is likely to be the problem.

I suspect that our configure script's a bit out of data (it does
indeed look like a 64-bit problem). Does anyone on the list
have any experience updating configure's M4 macros?

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