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Professional IT Services

From: Software development company
Subject: Professional IT Services
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2004 01:23:26 +0300

Softaddicts.com offers a full range of IT services including:


- Client/server applications, database engineering, E-commerce solutions, Application Service Provider solutions, cgi scripts, and more.

- Software solutions for mobile computing, scanning, and wireless communication devices 

- Multimedia and gaming 

- Data/format conversion and network migration projects

- Web design 




Exceptionally Low Rates


$25 an hour/$2800 a month — programming

$15 an hour/$1800 a month — design


Our hourly and monthly project rates are so cost-effective, you'll start saving money from the moment you contact us.


The Best the World Has to Offer


As a U.S. corporation with a staff of highly-experienced offshore programmers from Russia and the Ukraine, we offer the perfect balance of Western business savvy and cutting-edge technological skill. Favorable economic conditions allow us to maintain low overhead costs, and we pass on the savings to you while delivering innovative, reliable, and intelligent IT solutions.


When We Say Experienced, We Mean It


Many of our team members have ten or more years of programming experience. In fact, most of our programmers were logging experience before our competitors in Latin America or India awakened to the possibilities of IT.


Unparalleled Project Management and Follow-up


Think of us as your personal IT department, or a trusted independent subcontractor/consultant for all your IT projects. From concept and strategy to ongoing maintenance, you can depend on us for every aspect of your project. We'll conduct a comprehensive business analysis, help you write a technical specification for the project, and then follow-through with attentive support and dependable maintenance.


Our team is highly skilled in almost every existing language, database, and platform. A sampling of our expertise includes:



Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, NT, ME, and XP; UNIX, Linux, Palm OS, Pocket PC, J2ME, .NET



C/C++/C#, Java, VB (Visual Basic), ASP, Cold Fusion, XML, Perl, PHP, FORTRAN, Pascal, Active-X, Delphi, Xbase, _javascript_, Assembler, COBOL, Rexx, VRML, MapBasic, Code Warrior, Satellite Forms, and many others



Microsoft SQL Server, Access, Oracle, ADO, mSQL, Interbase, Sybase, MySQL, PostgreSQL, dBase, ODBC/JDBC 


Bar-coding Applications for PC and mobile-scanner devices:

Symbol, Intermec, any programmable cellular phones.


If the systems your organization uses are not in the list above, please let us know. We almost certainly have team members with those skills.


Make Money


Softaddicts.com offers a quality product and outstanding service at an unbeatable rate. Because of our excellent reputation and cost-effective pricing, we are experiencing remarkable growth—and we are prepared to share the profit opportunity with you. With plenty of room to build-in profitable margins, you may be able to quit your day job by securing as few as two new clients.


Sound simple? It is. We offer two ways to make money with us:


1. Become our affiliate


Help us promote our company. An identical copy of the Softaddicts.com web site can be found at Softaffiliates.com. The prices listed on Softaffiliates.com, however, vary by each affiliate. When you join us as an affiliate, you will get a unique affiliate code and your own URL (for example, http://softaffiliates.com/index.php?19588435, where 19588435 is your affiliate code). On your affiliate web site, you can set your own prices at whatever mark-up you wish above our low standard rates and we will pay you the difference as a commission once we have collected funds from the client. There are no phone numbers on the affiliate site, so no one will contact you. E-mails sent to us from links on your affiliate site will have your affiliate code attached, so we will always know which affiliate to compensate for the referral. With our affiliate program, you don't have to build a web site, hire programmers, or even deal with clients. We service and invoice your clients while you simply collect the commissions.


To become an affiliate, fill out our online form http://softaddicts.com/signup.php  


2. Become an independent reseller


If you prefer to deal directly with your clients, you have the option of becoming an independent reseller for Softaddicts.com. Under this arrangement, you negotiate the sales, invoice the clients, and collect payments. We'll bill you at our rates of $15/hour or $1800/month for design and $25/hour or $2800/month for programming (please contact us at address@hidden for additional discounts). With this option, you have the freedom to sell our services at any price you want. We're happy to help you earn as much money as you want in exchange for helping us secure a steady flow of development work.


Feel free to contact us for additional references:





Softaddicts.com, Inc. 1901 Harrison Street, 2nd Floor, Hollywood, Florida 33020   


(954) 927-2557; (954) 927-2488; (954) 536-0118 


(954) 927-2036; (425) 871-1271




This message has been sent to you after we verified that you might be interested in our services. To stop further inquiries, please, reply to address@hidden with Remove in Subject line. Please, send any questions, comments, or concerns to address@hidden


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