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Re: Movie

From: MSN Hotmail
Subject: Re: Movie
Date: Sun, 6 Jul 2003 17:59:05 -0700 (PDT)

Thank you for submitting your question to MSN Hotmail Support.

This is an auto-generated response designed to answer your question as
quickly as possible. Please note that you will not receive a reply if you
respond directly to this message. We hope the directions below answer your
question. If after following the directions your problem is still
unresolved, please send your question to the e-mail address listed at the
end of this message and a Customer Support Representative will help you.

The MSN Hotmail Post Office Protocol (POP) Mail option allows a Hotmail
member to retrieve messages from up to four POP e-mail accounts (other than
Hotmail accounts) for delivery to his or her Hotmail Inbox.

For example, you have two e-mail accounts--MSN Hotmail and Netmail. You
want to check all of the messages sent to your Netmail account without
actually going to that account. The POP Mail option lets you check your
Netmail messages and your MSN Hotmail messages in the same place.

>>> To set up POP Mail when signed in to Hotmail

 1.  Click "Options" on the horizontal navigation bar. The "Options" page
 2.  Under "Additional Options", click "POP Mail". The "POP Server
Settings" page appears.
 3.  In the "POP Server Name" box, type the name of the mail server of your
Internet service provider (ISP). You can obtain this name from your ISP's
system administrator (for example, "mail.isp.com").
 4.  In the "POP User Name" box, type the login name that you use to gain
access to your POP (non-Hotmail) account (for example, "johnb4").
 5.  In the "POP User Password" box, type the password that you use to
access your POP (non-Hotmail) account.
 6.  In the "Server Timeout" box, type the number of seconds that Hotmail
will wait after it contacts your POP mail server before it times out
 7.  In the "Port Number" box, type 110, unless your system or network
administrator has told you otherwise.
 8.  If you want to leave POP Mail on the mail server, select the "Leave
messages on POP server" check box. If you select this option, every time
you check your POP Mail using Hotmail, all messages are downloaded, even if
they have been downloaded before.
 9.  From the "New Mail Indicator" list, select the graphic that you want
to appear next to the new mail from your POP account.
10.  Click "OK" to save your POP Mail Settings.
     Click "Cancel" to return to the "Options" page without changing your

>>> To check POP Mail

  - In your Inbox, click "POP Mail". If MSN Hotmail can connect to your POP
Mail server, your POP Mail is downloaded.

If you want to change or delete the POP Mail configuration, return to the
"POP Server Settings" page, make the changes, and click "OK".


Still Didn't Solve Your Problem?

Complete the Hotmail Customer Support request form at: 

MSN Hotmail also has comprehensive online help available to you. For more
information on Hotmail features, functions, and issues, click the "Help"
button on the horizontal navigation bar.

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