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debugging applets?

From: Dan Stahlke
Subject: debugging applets?
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2003 16:21:09 -0800

DDD Developers,

Excellent program from what I've seen so far! Is it possible to debug applets? This is what I have tried to do:

ddd --jdb --debugger "appletviewer -debug 'http://my.site.org/the_applet_page.html'"

It loads, and kind of appears to work, but I can't seem to set breakpoints or trace execution. Perhaps I am just not doing it right? I have never used ddd with threaded applications before. I have set the source path and opened class files... when I move the cursor over a variable I get all sorts of errors, and I can't seem to set breakpoints either. Did I use the right command to start ddd with an applet? What alternatives are there?

- Dan Stahlke

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