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Cannot access remote file

From: Kerr Shannon-SKERR1
Subject: Cannot access remote file
Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2003 08:39:02 -0500


I've just setup ddd so I can use it remotely to debug apps on a machine
that's not setup to run any X applications.  Everything seems to be working
fine, but when I try to load an application, I get the following error

'DDD: No Remote Source'
'Cannot access remote file "/home/me/app.c"'

I understand the message.  We will never have source on this machine.  How
can I turn this off so it doesn't automatically look for source when loading
the object?  Can you tell me am I wasting my time using ddd with not having
my source available?  Is there any way to see the source on the remote (ddd)
machine instead of looking for it on the target (objects located here)
machine?  If I could get the source on the remote machine where ddd is
located maybe this could work.


Shannon C. Kerr

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