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Need an Electronic Filing Cabinet? Code- -DDBR

From: backroads
Subject: Need an Electronic Filing Cabinet? Code- -DDBR
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 04:26:07 -0500

Could you -- or someone you know -- benefit from a "Virtual" Filing Cabinet and 
Search Engine?

My Walk Software saves, organizes, and locates anything meaningful to you ... 
such as 
passages from books, your journal entries and other writings, research 
documents, song 
lyrics, interesting e-mail messages, etc.

Unlike physical filing cabinets, bookshelves, journals and notebooks, with My 
Walk it is 
incredibly easy and fast to find what you're looking for -- whether you're 
searching among 
ten items or ten thousand.

My Walk was originally designed to help Christians as they grow in their faith 
(it also 
includes a Prayer list and Bible-reading log).  However, this program is also a 
great tool 
for students, writers, researchers, and everyone interested in documenting 
growth.  This is because My Walk is a framework, similar to a file cabinet:  
its contents 
are uniquely yours.

Extremely easy to use, My Walk Software makes a great gift -- for yourself or 
else.  You can learn more about this completely unique and affordable tool, 
what it can do 
and how it works by going to www.backroadsdata.com/MWhome.htm 

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