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Download speed is lower under DDD

From: leonp
Subject: Download speed is lower under DDD
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001 10:50:47 +0200

Hello, all.
        In my Linux RH7.1 machine I use BDM target, which is a unit connected 
to the 
parallel port of PC and GDB controls it via direct access to the port's HW, 
mainly setting/polling the corresponding I/O bits (no interrupts in use). The 
corresponding gdb driver may be found at http://bdm4gdb.sourceforge.net.
        When I use the "pure" GDB without DDD, my program download speed is 
150Kb/s. But when the same operation is done from inside DDD (both 3.3 and 
3.2.1) the speed appears to be about 75Kb/s.
        Calling 'top' program during download shows that the CPU time is almost 
equally divided between GDB and DDD, while both together utilize 95% of the 
CPU time.
        Is somebody able to explain what is DDD doing during the download time, 
I thought it is supposed to wait silently for the end of GDB operation?
        Many thanks ahead.

P.S. Please, answer to my e-mail address. Excuse me for coding it, but I see 
many junk mails on the list...
Leon Pollak
leonp 'at' plris 'point'  com

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