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Re: Arguments

From: David Drysdale
Subject: Re: Arguments
Date: Fri, 09 Nov 2001 09:11:59 -0800

> Walid Sebali wrote:
> Hi,
> When I click on the "Program" and then on "Run" a window appears and
> prompts for entering arguments, and I do.....  However, when I exit
> and come back into the program, I don't see these arguments and I have
> to retype them.
> Is there a way to save these arguments so I don't have to retype them
> every time I exit ddd?
> thanks in advance
> Walid Sebali
> (514) 228-8800 ext 2733
> address@hidden
Yes, I believe you can. Under the file menu, you are given the
opportunity to 'Save Session As...'.
After saving your session, exit and come back.
Then under the file menu try 'Open Session...' and open the session you
just saved. 
Finally try under the program menu 'Run', and with any luck, your
previous typed in arguments can be selected from a list. 
David Drysdale
Real-Time Systems Inc.

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