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Help with DDD

From: Muralidharan_Narayanan
Subject: Help with DDD
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 12:08:36 -0400

Hello Representative,

I am currently using DDD 3.3.1 version which was recently upgraded from

I am however facing a problem with these versions of DDD. The problem is
that I am unable to observe the values of the local variables when I
keep my mouse on them. THis is when the options are checked in general
tab of preferences for auto displaying of variable values and after the
program execution has began. I am afraid that this problem may be
related to DDD installation.

Apparently, I was able to observe values of variables before we moved
from 3.2.1 version to 3.3.1 version.

Please help with this. Looking forward to discussion and reply.



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