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FW: problem with open->open source

From: Hana . Sarfati
Subject: FW: problem with open->open source
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 11:25:28 +0200

> hello   
> I am using the ddd version number 3.3 ,but there are few problems:
> when I do Open->Open source  I can not see the sources that I am looking for !
> for example sources which are placed in /usr/ucd-snmp.....
> first I thought that maybe it doesn't recognized this path ,so I add the path 
> in the Edit->Gdb-settiing ,but still there is no change!
> ( by the way -during the debugging those file are being shown !but they can 
> not be shown directly by me 
> what is the problem? what should I do?
> After opening a source file -I can not close him !!(with the Open->Close)?????
> When I press on the Edit button ,instead to see the vi editor with the file 
> in order to edit the file ,I am getting the vi editor without the file, and I 
> can not use it at all !
> how can I fix it?
> Thanks
> Hanna Sarfati 
> Infineon Savan

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