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Memo: Re: More build problems with DDD on HPUX using aCC

From: andrew . marlow
Subject: Memo: Re: More build problems with DDD on HPUX using aCC
Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2001 08:22:40 +0100

>> Hello Arnaud,
>> I rebuilt DDD from scratch on HPUX 10.20B today and got a few fatal link
>> It couldn't find the symbols static_sep and static_r. This turns out to be a
>> weirdness
>> of the aCC compiler for which I have a workaround.
>Did you have a look at PROBLEMS in the ddd distribution ?
>    * IMPORTANT: I just installed the latest aCC patch, released
>      around yesterday (2000/02/02)!!! Its number is PHSS_20959.
>      Without it, linking failed with
>        /usr/ccs/bin/ld: Unsatisfied symbols:
>       static_r (data)

No I didn't. I should have. However, the fixes I have will enable DDD
to be built with systems that do not have this patch. I cannot get
this patch easily for the system I am using right now.

>> The header file charsets.h declares a variable 'sep' as static in one of its
>> methods.
>A more correct patch is:
>Index: charsets.h
>RCS file: /cvsroot/ddd/ddd/ddd/charsets.h,v
>retrieving revision 1.12
>diff -u -r1.12 charsets.h
>--- charsets.h  2000/12/11 12:21:48     1.12
>+++ charsets.h  2001/10/02 17:44:56
>@@ -122,10 +122,10 @@
> #if XmVERSION == 1 && XmREVISION <= 1
> inline MString cr() { return rm("\n"); }
> #else
>+const XmString charsets_sep = XmStringSeparatorCreate();
> inline MString cr()
> {
>-    static XmString sep = XmStringSeparatorCreate();
>-    return MString(sep, true);
>+    return MString(charsets_sep, true);
> }
> #endif

Yes, this is better. I have made my code like the above.

>> Then I got a similar error with the symbol 'static_r' which it turns out
>> was referred to in HintGraphN.h.
>>     virtual const BoxRegion& sensitiveRegion(const GraphGC& gc) const
>>     {
>>         Static BoxRegion r;
>>         // return a size-pixel area around the current position
>>         r = BoxRegion(pos() - gc.hintSize / 2, gc.hintSize);
>>         return r;
>>     }
>> To make this problem go away I added a private member called m_r
>> to the class and declared it mutable. I then changed the sensitiveRegion
>> method as shown below:
>>     virtual const BoxRegion& sensitiveRegion(const GraphGC& gc) const
>>     {
>>         // return a size-pixel area around the current position
>>         m_r = BoxRegion(pos() - gc.hintSize / 2, gc.hintSize);
>>         return m_r;
>>     }
>Except that "mutable" is not supported by all C++ compiler.
>If you want to submit a patch, please keep the current code within

I have found another way. I have assigned through a this pointer
that has had constness cast away. Crude but effective. Now mutable
is no longer needed.

>> With these changes dd built ok and runs ok and is as excellent as ever :-)
>You should submit these two patches, once updated, to address@hidden
>Thanks for your work !

I have attached the modified files and am copying this email to ddd.

(See attached file: HintGraphN.h)
(See attached file: charsets.h)


Andrew Marlow.


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