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using DDD (gdb) with motif/xm++ doesnt work...

From: Kurt Hilsmeier
Subject: using DDD (gdb) with motif/xm++ doesnt work...
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2001 08:46:44 -0400

I don't know if this is a bug or if DDD with GDB just doesn't work with the
XServer, but debugging a complex motif/xm++ program does not appear to work.
The overall program consists of several individual programs all running
under the XServer.  When I attempt to debug errors in one specific
sub-program, running DDD does not show any errors when running the program
normally does show errors.  Will DDD (with gdb) work with motif/xm++
programs, is something being done wrong, or is this a bug?  DDD is being run
in a unix environment.

Thank you,

Kurt Hilsmeier
Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
11100 Johns Hopkins Rd
Laurel, MD  20723-6099


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