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setting debug info

From: Kedrowski, Philip R.
Subject: setting debug info
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001 16:07:05 -0700


when compilling a single source file using gcc, I have been able to enable
the debug info by suing the -g option as in:
gcc -g filename.c -o filename

However, I have a larger workspace in which I compile and link many *.c and
*.h files using the "autoconf" and "automake" tools.  In this workspace, I
have not been able to enable the debug info when compiling/linking using
"make all."  I have enabled the -g in the Makefile.am and it shows up in the
terminal when compiling (with no errors), however when using the DDD
debugger I am not able to veiw the source code for debugging.  Would you
please tell me how to enable the debugging info when compiling using the

Philip Kedrowski 

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