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DDD 3.3

From: Professor W P Jones
Subject: DDD 3.3
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2001 20:01:55 +0100


I have been trying to install the latest version of DDD on my linux box and
I am having trouble.  My machine has an AMD 1.4GHz processor with a gigabyte
GA-7DX motherboard and I have Redhat Linux version 7.1 and Motif 2.1
installed.  ./configure seems to run OK but I have a problem when I run
'make'.  It fails with 'Error 1'

The output written to the screen from ./configure and make is in the
attached files configure.screen and make.screen.  I am also attaching the
file config.log.

Help in overcoming the problem would be much appreciated.
Many thanks
Bill Jones

Professor W P Jones
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Imperial College
London SW7 2BX
Tel:    +44 (0)171 594 7037
e-mail          address@hidden
web site:       http://www.ic.ac.uk/

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