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Using DDD with a cross-gdb

From: David Brown
Subject: Using DDD with a cross-gdb
Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2001 13:16:34 +0200


I am doing some developement using an embedded controller card based around
the 68332 processor.  This is connected to a PC using a Motorola
ICD-compatible cable to the BDM interface.  I have a cross-gdb executable,
which works fine as a command-line gdb for debugging, and I am now trying to
get DDD to work as a graphical interface to gdb.

I can get DDD to start up with --debugger m68k-bdm-elf-gdb.  Sometimes I can
get it to attach to the target (using "target bdm /dev/bdmicd0" from the gdb
prompt within DDD), but very soon after starting to set up the 68332 using
gdb commands (such as "set $sfc", or commands to write to the 68332's
memory-mapped registers), DDD complains that the child gdb has had a
segmentation fault.  It varies at what stage this error comes - sometimes it
is when attaching to the target, sometimes I can do several of the setup
commands before the fault occurs and DDD restarts gdb.

I know my gdb is working properly, since it works fine as a command-line
debugger.  I have also used GVD with the same gdb as a child process - as
far as I understand it, DDD and GVD work in the same way.  GVD works
perfectly with gdb - I am only really looking at DDD as an alternative so
that I have a choice of front-ends.

My system is Linux Mandrake 8.0, a PIII-800, 256k Ram, with DDD-3.3.1 build
from source (with plain ./configure && make && make install), and gdb-5.0
patched with the bdm patches and configured for m68k cross-debugging.

If anyone has any ideas what is going wrong, or could describe any extra
information that they need from me, I would be most grateful for the help.
As I said, GVD is working fine, so I feel there must be something in the DDD
setup that is not working.

David Brown
System Developer
WestControl a.s

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