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Fortran support

From: Johan Pelo
Subject: Fortran support
Date: Tue, 04 Sep 2001 13:29:08 +0200


I'm (trying) to debug some g77 compiled fortran programs with gdb and
ddd, but this task seems to cause some trouble.

How do I configure my tool chain (g77 -> gdb & ddd) to work properly
together? I have scanned a lot of documentation of g77, gdb and ddd, and
the most obvious settings (compiling with -g -O0, configured gdb vith
the ddd menu option to use the fortran language) I've already tried, and
it partly works, but not acceptable:

* Symbol name case seems to be converted into lowecase when compiling,
and one consequense is that the ddd menu for lookup and display does not
work, (if I manually enter the symbol name in lowercase in the gdb
console window, it's ok, but i dont want to do that.

* Display contents of arrays also fails, only the pointer value can be

* When loading a program, an error message stating "libf77.c: no such
file" appears. I can understand why, i have no need for keeping source
files of standard libraries on my system, but how can I turn of such

So what to do? I'm not the person that actually will do the debugging,
they are aeronautical engineers familiar with fortran, not computer
engineers familear with aeroplane models.

I also found a g77 option wich seems to preserve source case, but my
programs wont compile with this, probably because of badly chosen
variable names.

My system configuration is:
g77 (gcc-2.95.2) on Sun/Solaris
gdb 5.0
ddd 3.3

/Johan Pelo <address@hidden>

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