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How to run java with DDD

From: Tyree, John
Subject: How to run java with DDD
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 16:29:29 -0600

I am attempting to step into a libXXX.so file which is called from Java
through JNI.  It has not worked so far.  What I do is:

In the DDD gui:  File->Load Project  and then I select my libXXX.so
File->Open Source:    I open a source file corresponding to the libXXX.so
where I want to stop and set a breakpoint 
I run a java program that calls the libXXX.so
While its running I attach to the Java process

But the break point never gets hit.  

So maybe having DDD start the JVM is the way to go.  Unfortunately I've
tried many combinations of the java start script, native threads, green
threads, etc. with no success.  Can someone tell me exactly how to do this
for a normal Linux/jdk1.3.1 environment?

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