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Will DDD allow me to debug Java JNI libraries?

From: Tyree, John
Subject: Will DDD allow me to debug Java JNI libraries?
Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2001 19:21:01 -0600

I'm doing Java development on Linux.  The Java calls native methods in a C
library.  I need to be able to set break points in the C code and step
through it.    Preferably I would like to start in a Java IDE debugger and
stop at my C breakpoints and examine state with DDD.  I want to cross back
and forth between the C and Java boundary, using multiple threads and with
break points on both sides.  Will this work?  I've had problems doing this
on NT with VisualAge Java.  It allows me to cross over to Java but if I make
calls back to Java it deadlocks.  Is this the right tool or is there an
obvious better choice?  At present I am using Forte for Java on linux.  Any
suggestions on a better Java IDE for linux more compatible with DDD would be
appreciated too.  Running RedHat 7.1 with 2.2.18 kernel.


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