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17 yrs UNIX negot/geog open

From: Lynn P. Tilby
Subject: 17 yrs UNIX negot/geog open
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2001 10:48:32 -0700

                              Mr. LYNN P. TILBY
Address:                       SYSTEMS ANALYST         Office: (480) 632-8635 
841 N. Saint Elena St.        SOFTWARE ENGINEER     Clearance: Secret (inactive)
Gilbert, AZ  85234          SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR      address@hidden

              Resume & Addendums in TEXT & MS-WORD Available At:

       Computer Animation     Functional Analysis     Optical Data Bases
     UNIX Systems Administration  WAN & LAN Design  Client/Server Systems
           Hardware/Software Systems Configuration and Interfacing
                     HARDWARE                      SOFTWARE
          Sigma Design       MicroVax II      SOLARIS       HP-UX
          Cal Comp           IBM 4341         LINUX         ULTRIX
          Hewlett Packard    Data General     AIX           CX-UX
          Calma              SUN SPARC        DG/UX         CLIX
          Auto Trol          Charles River    SCO XENIX     MS-NT
          InterCAD           Sequent          DEC-OS        Dynix
          Intergraph         HP 800/Systems   LANGUAGES/PACKAGES
          Apollo             IBM PC/Pentium   C/C++         Basic
                             Sigma Design     Informix      Fortran
          EDITORS/TOOLS      Sperry 5000/80   Sunview       Oracle 7x-8i
          CASE Tools IEW     Harris Night Hwk Awk/Sed       Binary
          VI       XEdit     Gould            Korn, Bourn & C Shells
          Word Perfect       IBM RS-6000      X-Windows     Focus
          LSE  MS-Office     Tektronix 88000  MS-Windows    3D Studio
          Clear Case         Bay Networks     Apache        Veritas
          PVCS   RCS         Sun E-Series     HTML NFS  NIS TCPIP
          CVS    SCCS        Network Printers Postgres      Python
          Firewalls          Cisco Routers    Perl SSH  ACS Sybase

          Automated Securities Trading     Internet Interface Software 
          Voice Communication Systems      Windowing Systems Software
          Optical Disk Data Bases          Graphics Data Bases
          Large Scale Data Base Design     Direct Fingerprint Entry Systems
          Advertising Computer Animation   Architectural Video Animation

EXPERIENCE:  OWNER of Creative Imagineering, Phoenix, AZ.
             The company performs Computer Animation systems configuration 
 Oct 1993    analysis, purchasing & configuring, production of video
             graphics, logos, & computer animation sequences for
    to       commercial television, broadcast & cable stations, & programs,
             and animation of fly throughs of 3D architectural drawings, &
  Present    legal & engineering, graphics & animation.

 Feb 2001    CONSULTANT to private client.  Providing Systems Administration
    to       services on Sun Ultra-250's & Ultra-450's.  Providing system
  Present    analysis, user security reviews & monitoring configuration. 
 Jun 2000    LEAD PROGRAMMER/ANALYST for NDC Health Information Systems,
             Phoenix, AZ.  Production Maintenance Team Lead for 16+
             tera-byte on-line, data-warehouse medical prescription data
     to      processing applications, running Oracle on Sequent and Sun E10K
             Solaris boxes.  Duties include writting & maintaining Korn
             shell & Perl processing scripts, designing and writting automated
  Jan 2001   and manual application code & documentation review & checking
             systems, for acceptance of applications into production.  

 June 2000   CONSULTANT for Hewlett Packard Consulting, to HP's client 
             Source Alliance.com, Raleigh-Durham, NC.  Represented HP to 
             client, performed System Administration tasks and trouble
             shooting, resolving HP specific problems and issues quickly
             and decisively for client, on L series boxes running HP-UX
             11.00, also wrote character based graphing software in C.

 May 2000    CONSULTANT to Shamrock Foods, Phoenix, AZ.  Performed
             Systems Administration tasks, wrote Korn shell scripts,
             performed trouble shooting of network printers, & assisted
             users in solving various problems, on HP K boxes running
             HP-UX 10.x & 11.00.

 Apr 2000    CONSULTANT to hotyellowcity.com.  Performed analysis of 
             redesign & upgrading e-commerce multi-server, SQL-Anywhere 
             environment to Sun Microsystems/Oracle environment. Also
             installed and configured Debian Linux on Intel HP-Pavilion.

 Feb 2000    CONSULTANT to private client.  Performed mirroring 
             configuration of 2 Sun Ultra systems, installation of 
    to       Oracle SQLNET, installation and configuration of Cisco ACS 
             security server software, data extraction from Sybase 
 Mar 2000    SQLAnywhere on Sun Ultra and load into Oracle on IBM AIX.

 Feb 2000    CONSULTANT to Illuminette, Olympia WA.  Performed installation
             and configuration of 3 Sun Microsystems E450's & 2 E3500's.

 Feb 1997    CONSULTANT to Motorola, Tempe, AZ.  Performed Systems
             Administration & support on 31 systems, running HP-UX 9.x, 
    to       10.x, & 11.x, & AIX 4.x, Oracle, NFS, NIS & Veritas Netbackup.
             Wrote & maintained Apache, HTML System Problem Reporting
 Jan 2000    software & accompanying web pages, written in ksh, awk, & sed.

 Nov 1996    CONSULTANT to PageNet, Dallas, TX.  Designed & wrote C &
    to       Informix 4gl & SQL programs for processing of transactions 
 Jan 1997    on Data General AViiON's running DG/UX.

 Jun 1996    CONSULTANT to LDDS/Worldcom, Tulsa, OK.  Designed & wrote
             multiple Korn shell scripts for processing telephony data 
    to       files between Sun Sparc's running Solaris & IBM RS6000s
             running AIX.  Wrote C code for preprocessing data, for data
 Sep 1996    base load on RS6000. 
             CONSULTANT to SSI Inc., Janesville, WI.  Performed systems 
 Feb 1996    administration duties.  Designed & wrote Korn shell scripts for
    to       management of CAD drawings on an ownership, group & permissions
 Mar 1996    basis, and other scripts as needed for a total of @17 shell 
             scripts on HP workstations running HP_UX.

             CONSULTANT to private client.  Performed installation & 
 Jul 1995    configuration of X-Windows emulation software on PCs running 
             MS-DOS networked to an IBM RS-6000 running AIX.  Wrote Korn 
    to       shell scripts for dynamic configuration of, communication 
             between, and use of, commercial software, custom data base 
 Oct 1996    applications, and the X-Windows emulation environment on PCs.
             Performed trouble shooting of TCPIP/Windows for Workgroups 
             and network printer & PC configurations.

             CONSULTANT to Deloitte & Touche Inc., Columbia, South Carolina.
 Dec 1994    Wrote & maintained Korn shell script source code.  Designed & 
    to       wrote Korn shell and makefile scripts for management of source
 Feb 1995    code libraries utilizing PVCS source code control system.

             CONSULTANT to MCI Inc., Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Designed & wrote
 May 1994    data base dump & comparison utilities; worked on team to design
    to       & write dual automated console telephony application software
 Oct 1994    using interprocess communication on IBM RS-6000s running AIX.

             CONSULTANT to Flight Safety International, Tulsa Ok.  Provided
 Feb 1993    Systems Administration support, and wrote Korn shell scripts
    to       for management of applications software using RCS on Harris
 Oct 1993    Night Hawks running CX-UX.

 Jan 1992    CONSULTANT to various small companies and individuals. Provided
    to       PC support.  Wrote graphics printer device driver using Borland
 Jan 1993    C on a PC running MS-DOS.

             CONSULTANT to Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation, Nuclear Division
 June 1991   CADD Support Group, Syracuse N.Y..  
             o Wrote workstation activity monitoring and data compilation
    to         software in C on Intergraph workstations running CLIX OS.
             o Advised management on, and designed, conversion system for
  Dec 1991     CAEMIS CADD files to Intergraph CADD file format.

 July 1990   CONSULTANT to Dupont De Nemours, Charlotte, NC. Provided Unix
    to       systems programming and systems administration support on SUN,
             HP, IBM RS-6000, DEC, and Interactive, and provided phone and
             onsite customer support.  Rewrote extensive Bourne shell
  Feb 1991   script for multiplatform Unix systems management.
  Feb 1990   CONSULTANT to Tektronix Inc., Wilsonville, Oregon.  Designed and
    to       Wrote X-Windows X11 R4 backingstore tests in C on a Tektronix
 March 1990  88000 series graphics workstation running Tek UNIX.

             CONSULTANT to Boeing Support Services, Renton, Washington.
  May 1989   o Provided advice to management on functional specifications
     to        for Optical Disk drawing data base for all drawings of Boeing
  Nov 1989     Commercial Aircraft, Reference Engineering Data Automated
               Retrieval System (REDARS)
             o Wrote various documents which specify the interfaces between
               REDARS and other systems.  
             o Wrote graphic display software using Sunview windowing system.
             CONSULTANT to General Electric Medical Systems, Waukesha,
             o Provided consultation and advised management on management of
 March 1989    vendor software development in C++.  
     to      o Advised management on design of Optical Disk data bases for
  May 1989     Magnetic Resonance Imaging, CAT Scan & X-Ray image storage
             o Wrote various design papers and code in C++ on backup 
               scenarios for optical disk data bases. 

             CONSULTANT to IBM, Austin, Texas.
  Sept 1988  Performed merge of Unix Sys V & Berkeley commands and C
     to      libraries for version 3.1 of AIX.  Wrote filter and organizing
  Nov 1988   shell scripts for Open Software Foundation source code
             SOFTWARE ENGINEER for North American Morpho Systems (NAMSI)
             Tacoma, Washington.
             o Responsible for device driver and hardware integration for
               IBM-AT direct fingerprint entry system.
  June 1987  . Integrated Identix direct fingerprint entry terminal
     to      . Integrated video analog to digital hardware & device driver
  Sept 1988  . Integrated data compression hardware & device driver
             o Designed and wrote data store & forward operations between
               network and node applications in C using SYS V msg queues on
               IBM RTs running AIX in X-Windows.
             o Wrote optical disk data base storage applications in C on
               IBM RTs running AIX in X-Windows.
             SYSTEMS ANALYST for Systems and Applied Sciences Corporation
             (SASC) Salt Lake City, Utah. 
             Project Manager/Analyst for base wide integrated CAD/CAM systems
             for chemical munitions, facilities & maintenance, Tooele Army
             Depot, Tooele Utah
  Dec 1986   o Analyst on Design Team for Department of Defense Property 
               Reutilization and Sales system, Defense Depot Ogden Ut.
     to      o Team member for writing of System, Subsystem, & Program Specs
             o System considerations: 
  June 1987  . concurrent transaction tracking . manpower vs system rqrmnts
             . network standards               . data switching requirements
             . operating system differences    . software integration

             CONSULTANT to Educational Computer Services of Salt Lake
             City, Utah. 
  Sept 1985  Designed & wrote in C a download file format conversion system
             o PC hardware configuration and maintenance
     to      o Debugging and maintenance of an analog to digital voice phone
               communication system
  Dec 1985   o General software development management analysis
             o Customer support          o Marketing and products analysis
             CONSULTANT to DeLamare, Woodruff, Stepan, Architects, Planners
             of Salt Lake City, Utah.
   June 85   o Project entailed extensive consultation with various CAD
               vendors. Analyzed hardware and software functionality:
     to      . ease of use                        . design capability
             . three dimensional sophistication   . structural analysis
             . software/hardware integration      . area & space planning
   Sept 85   . cost vs. functionality             . 3D realism
             o On my recommendation the firm purchased a $175,000.00 system
               from Sigma Design

             CONSULTANT to U.S. Forest Service, Ogden, Utah.
             o Analysis of programming in Fortran on PCs for execution on
  June 1985    Data General MV4000 and MV8000 mainframes
             o Analysis of completely integrated hardware & software for
     to        local area microcomputer and mainframe/micro networks
             . Reviewed 3 micro/mainframe type communications adapters
  July 1985  . Reviewed 3 communications software packages
             o Reviewed 9 LANs

             CONSULTANT to Sperry Corporation of Salt Lake City, Utah.
  Dec 1984   o RFP answer analysis to the U.S. Army's MINIS project
             o Analysis & efficiency tuning of Oracle relational data base.
     to      o Rewrote presentation screens, scripts, and reports.
             o Wrote queries & shell scripts for Oracle data base dump for
  April 1985   output to nine track and cartridge tapes.
             PROGRAMMER for United States Air Force, at Hill Air Force Base,
             o Assisted in designing, programming and implementing of large
               scale data base for the tracking of all purchases of Air
  Jun 1984     Force Logistics Command.
     to      . Used extensively DeMarco and LBMS methods of Systems Analysis
  May 1985   . Wrote approximately 85% of the systems
             . Gained excellent working knowledge of IBM CMS and FOCUS DBMS
             o Performed preliminary analysis and programming for a
               communications & networking package to interface a CDC Cyber,
               an IBM 4341, and Zenith-100, and IBM-PC microcomputers.
             . Package performs protocol conversion, supports file transfer
               to all machines, perform fully functional telephone relay and
               message operations between base computers and outside systems
               in the Air Force Logistics Command.

             PROGRAMMER/ANALYST for Department of Academic Computing, at
             Weber State College, Ogden, Utah.
             o Development and programming of an optical scanning data
  Jan 1983     analysis package for use by the college testing center
             o Project entailed the following:
     to      . Writing and interfacing Basic, Cobol, Fortran, Macro 
               Assembly, JCL and Systems Utilities on a Harris H-800 
  Dec 1984   . Designing forms for and programming in binary, an NCS Optical
               Scanning System.

             CONSULTANT to the Video Shop of Ogden, Utah.
  Jul 1982   o Systems analysis of video rental and sales business
     to      o Designing, and writing six programs for inventory
  May 1983     turnover/profit-loss analysis on rental of approximately 
               ten-thousand items.

EDUCATION:   231 credit hours in Computer Information Systems and Business
             Management at Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah and Weber
             State College, Ogden, Utah.

             References available upon request.

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