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Nighttime Bedwetting In Children

From: enuresiscure
Subject: Nighttime Bedwetting In Children
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2000 10:21:31 -040

      Nighttime bedwetting in children is a serious problem. The effects are 
far reaching,
much more then just a wet bed in the morning.

     If you are a parent with a child suffering from this  you are most likely 
already aware
of the negative effects. Lower self esteem and a poor image can be caused by 
(Who wouldn't feel bad if they had to wake up every morning with a wet bed?)

     This sleep disorder is very frustrating for most, espiecially when the 
family doctor
tells you not to worry that they will out grow it.

     The blessing is that there is hope. A cure for this very serious problem. 
The medicial 
code is Primary Nocturnal Enuresis. The Medicial diagnosis code of 307.6 
The AMA recognizes this as a medicial problem and the recommended treatment is 
Motivational Counseling, Bladder Control Exercises, Enuresis Alarm. WE obtain 
by incorporating all 3 of these modalities of treatment, using tried and proven 
backed with many years of expierence.

     You are able to effect this cure in the privacy of you own home. Your 
privacy is kept to you.

     Information about you and your family is kept private. It does not leave 
our company. We do
not sell any information.

    Please go to http://www.bedwettingcures.com for more information.

Greg Burkett

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you will not recieve 
multiples of emails from us. If it is a concern, you may email us at 
and request to be removed or go to our web site and send us an e-mail 
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