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Problem running configure against LessTif 0.91.19

From: Mike Davies
Subject: Problem running configure against LessTif 0.91.19
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2000 10:14:56 +0100


I am trying to build ddd under the latest cygwin (1.1.4), and LessTif
0.91.19.  I built LessTiff for a default of Motif 1.2 as recommended
somewhere in the ddd docs, but I get the following error when I run the
configure script :

checking for Motif... libraries /usr/local/LessTif/Motif1.2/lib, headers
checking for Athena... libraries (none), headers (none)
checking for Xpm... libraries /usr/X11R6/lib, headers in default path
checking whether compiling X headers requires -fpermissive... no
checking for XOpenDisplay in -lX11... yes
checking for _Xlcmbcurmax in -lXintl... no
checking for shmap in -lipc... no
checking for XtToolkitInitialize in -lXt... yes
checking for XShapeQueryVersion in -lXext... yes
checking for XpmCreatePixmapFromXpmImage in -lXpm... yes
checking for X11/xpm.h... yes
checking for xpm.h... no
checking for XpSelectInput in -lXp... yes
checking for XmCreateOptionMenu in -lXm... no
checking for xmUseVersion in -lXm... no
checking for XmInstallImage in -lXm... no
checking for Xm21InstallImage in -lXm... no
configure: error: The Motif library '-lXm' could not be found.
                  Please use the configure options
                  and '--with-motif-libraries=DIR' to specify the Xm
                  See the files 'config.log' and 'ddd/config.log'
                  for further diagnostics.
configure: error: ./configure failed for ddd

Here is what is in the LessTif directories :

$ ls /usr/local/LessTif/Motif1.2/lib
libMrm.a   libMrm.la  libXm.a    libXm.la

$ ls /usr/local/LessTif/Motif1.2/include
Mrm  Xm

/usr/local/LessTif/Motif1.2/include/Xm contains a lot of header files as

I'm new to both X and ddd so if anyone has any pointers for me I'd be



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