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DDD and Fortran Common variables

From: Lucio Ludovici
Subject: DDD and Fortran Common variables
Date: Thu, 05 Oct 2000 19:52:06 +0200

While I'have no problem with DDD in inspecting variables in C and C++,
I'm currently debugging a Fortran program and I can only access local
variables.  All variable in commons are not accessible.
Am I doing something wrong?
Thanks for your help.
Lucio Ludovici

 Lucio Ludovici, E-mail=Lucio address@hidden,
 CERN,Geneva,Switzerland Tel.41-22-7678719,Fax 41-22-7673100             
 Dipartimento di Fisica Universita' "La Sapienza"                        
 P.le Aldo Moro 2,00185 Roma,Italy Tel.39-06-49914531,Fax 39-06-49914832

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