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Question on DDD GDB

From: Esparza, Jack (NM75)
Subject: Question on DDD GDB
Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2000 13:08:14 -0600


I'm planning on using a debugging tool to test a C++ program. The code is
written at such a level that it has
been recommended that I use a debugger to test it. Thing is, I'm not sure of
the features and functions of
the DDD GDB, hence this email. Question/scenario:

        Once my program is compiled and running, can I write a script file,
e.g., in Unix, and have the program
        read the 'script file' that invokes different subroutines which
would output data to a verification window
        for confirmation. In a sense, this script could also be a means of
'auto testing' the program.

Thank you very much for your prompt response.

Jack Esparza                                        
 Defense Avionics Systems


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