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[Ddd] problems with ddd on 64 bit SGI executables:

From: robert somerville
Subject: [Ddd] problems with ddd on 64 bit SGI executables:
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2000 09:39:24 -0600

I am having problems with DDD on 64 bit SGI executables & DBX (GDB doesn't 
support 64 bit

I have tried both Lesstif & motif and latest DDD 3.2.91. After a certain point, 
bad things happen:

setting a break point will result in up to 7 break points being placed at the 
same place,
or worse, DDD/dbx complaing that no executable source exists at line xxx.

this happens at about the third sub level (subroutine level) of a fortran 

We are using IRIX6.5 on o2000 & o2400 machines



robert somerville 
Geophysicist / Geophysical Programmer

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