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Re: [Dctc-general] dctc/dc_gui2 download dont star

From: Jan Banan
Subject: Re: [Dctc-general] dctc/dc_gui2 download dont star
Date: Mon, 01 Dec 2003 08:23:18 +0100
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search does not work under active mode (I get like
five hits instead of 100's of hits - is that normal?)

it is because you have a port problem, the only results you obtain comes from the hub (passive user reply).

1) I see the default port for active is 412. Wouldn't that mean I need to run dctc as root to be able to use that port?

2) If I use port 1024 and have that port forwarded in my iptables-linux-firewall then I _can_ connect with telnet to that port from the outside world, so the port seem to work. Downloading in active mode work, it is only search that does not work. What can be the problem?

seeing entries in waiting status only does not mean they are always waiting. On a normal connection, a transfer attempt is performed in 2-3 seconds and by default, the refresh rate is every 5 seconds.

So I may miss seeing the "Trying"-attempts because the gui does not refresh more than once every 5th second? (I have been looking quite long time and never managed to see a "Trying"-attempt under RedHat 9 so I suspect there is no attempt. Under RedHat 8.0 is see the "Trying"-attempts all the time.)

there is a bug in the configure of the latest stable version, use the CVS version or wait the next stable version to be able to use the --disable-glib2 flag.

Thanks, I will wait for the next stable version I think (because I'm not very familiar with CVS).

Also dc_gui2 looks a little bit strange under RedHat 9, there are grey
fields under half of the usernames and around the progress bar under GDL.


It is a little bit har to explain, maybe I should send you a screendump offlist. Maybe it has to do with that RedHat 9 comes with glib/gtk 2.2.1.


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