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Re: [Dctc-general] A couple of old wishes from debian users

From: eric
Subject: Re: [Dctc-general] A couple of old wishes from debian users
Date: Sat, 31 May 2003 18:44:21 +0200
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> 2. Wouldn't it make sense to add an icon next to nick in user
> list? just like in window clients

If someone provides me the icons, I can do it but I am not a good drawer :)

> 3. It would be nice to make some sound when receiving a private
> message or (especially) when download is finished.

I have added this in my devel version, I should release it soon.

> 4. Being able to use put DC_GUI as an gnome applet would be
> very cool (it would be silently starting with the environment,
> connecting dctcs if not connected and doing "attach all" if
> meant to be so)

Isn't a gnome applet a small icon ? like 64x64... I wonder how I will be able 
to shrink a dc_gui2 window which not fits on a 1024x768 display into a so 
small size :)

> 5. Maybe add an option to automatically connect to for ex.
> 25 hubs that have most users? (GBP comment it seems we're starting
> to have whole "configure what to do on start" directory)

With the current architecture, it seems very hard to do. It probably will be 
easier with the one where there is master DCTC connected to nothing and 
driving a set of slave DCTC. I am currently working on this but I only am at 
the meditation stage :)

> PS: Is this list alive? Eric, can you say how many users are
> subscribed currently?

currently, the lists are used by very few peoples. Most of the users seems to 
prefer the forum.


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