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[Dctc-general] Restoring "Unattached GDL" status for "lost" GDLs

From: Grzegorz B. Prokopski
Subject: [Dctc-general] Restoring "Unattached GDL" status for "lost" GDLs
Date: 18 May 2003 22:47:48 +0200


Ah, it's great to have a mailing list again!

Now - to the point. It happens sometimes that dctc and thus
GDLs they're running aren't shut down creanly (because of
sudden system shutdown or sth. else). The problem is that after
it happens I restart all the connections to the hubs, then
I want my GDLs back.

And here begins the problem. Sometimes everything is OK and
in "Unattached GDLs" after or even w/o "refresh list" I have
all my GDLs. But sometimes (and I have this situation right
now) some or even most of the GDLs are available on the
disk but I don't have them in the "Unattached GDLs".

So my quesion is: what's the way the DCGUI recognized unattached
GDLs and how can I tell it "by hand" that such GDL is unattached?
(probably "touch"ing sth or what else). I am using NFS-mounted
directory for GDLs if that makes any difference.

I think I'd like to have a method in which I would stop all the
running GDLs that haven't got "lost" (by simply deattaching them),
then run that "sth" (some help-scritp?) and have *all* of my GDLs
available as "unattached GDLs". Then I could attach them all again.

Is this doable somehow?

                                Grzegorz B. Prokopski
Grzegorz B. Prokopski <address@hidden>
Debian http://www.debian.org/

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