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[Dazuko-devel] patch 6 for dazukofs release 3.0.0

From: Lino Sanfilippo
Subject: [Dazuko-devel] patch 6 for dazukofs release 3.0.0
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2009 15:33:09 +0200
User-agent: IceDove (X11/20090105)

This bug occured with dazukofs mounted over a reiserfs on a system with
SLES 10.

Bug description:
Under some circumstances dazukofs inodes (instead of the lower inodes)
are marked as dirty. If the pdflush daemon is woken up it tries to write these inodes physically to disk. To do so, the writepages() function of the dazukofs
inodes address_space object is called. Since this function does not exist
(it is set to NULL), the attempt to call it results in a kernel oops.

So why are the dazukofs inodes marked dirty instead of the lower inodes?
I could not find out the exact reason, but it definitely happens if
generic_commit_write() is called (which in turn is called by generic_file_write()
which i.e is used by reiserfs to write inodes to disk).
The generic_commit_write() function uses the inode that belongs to the page
that has to be written. For some reason some pages seem to be connected to
dazukofs inodes instead of the inodes of the lower filesystem.

Anyway, the solution is to tell the kernel not to mark dazukofs inodes
as dirty. This is done by using a backing_dev_info object with
writeback capabilities explicitly disabled.

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diff -rup dazukofs-3.0.0-p5/dazukofs_fs.h dazukofs-3.0.0-p6/dazukofs_fs.h
--- dazukofs-3.0.0-p5/dazukofs_fs.h     2009-03-15 19:24:18.000000000 +0100
+++ dazukofs-3.0.0-p6/dazukofs_fs.h     2009-03-15 19:34:31.000000000 +0100
@@ -26,6 +26,7 @@
 #define DAZUKOFS_VERSION "3.0.0"
+extern struct backing_dev_info dazukofs_dev_info;
 extern struct kmem_cache *dazukofs_dentry_info_cachep;
 extern struct kmem_cache *dazukofs_file_info_cachep;
 extern struct file_operations dazukofs_main_fops;
diff -rup dazukofs-3.0.0-p5/inode.c dazukofs-3.0.0-p6/inode.c
--- dazukofs-3.0.0-p5/inode.c   2009-03-15 20:31:22.000000000 +0100
+++ dazukofs-3.0.0-p6/inode.c   2009-03-15 20:30:17.000000000 +0100
@@ -52,6 +52,7 @@ static void dazukofs_init_inode(struct i
        inode->i_op = &dazukofs_main_iops;
        inode->i_fop = &dazukofs_main_fops;
+       inode->i_mapping->backing_dev_info = &dazukofs_dev_info;
        inode->i_mapping->a_ops = &dazukofs_aops;
diff -rup dazukofs-3.0.0-p5/super.c dazukofs-3.0.0-p6/super.c
--- dazukofs-3.0.0-p5/super.c   2009-03-15 19:24:18.000000000 +0100
+++ dazukofs-3.0.0-p6/super.c   2009-03-15 19:33:25.000000000 +0100
@@ -26,6 +26,7 @@
 #include <linux/fs.h>
 #include <linux/namei.h>
 #include <linux/mount.h>
+#include <linux/backing-dev.h>
 #include "dazukofs_fs.h"
 #include "dev.h"
@@ -35,6 +36,13 @@ static struct kmem_cache *dazukofs_sb_in
 struct kmem_cache *dazukofs_dentry_info_cachep;
 struct kmem_cache *dazukofs_file_info_cachep;
+struct backing_dev_info dazukofs_dev_info = {
+       .capabilities = BDI_CAP_NO_WRITEBACK |
+                       BDI_CAP_NO_ACCT_DIRTY |
+                       BDI_CAP_NO_ACCT_WB,
 static struct inode *dazukofs_alloc_inode(struct super_block *sb)
        struct dazukofs_inode_info *inodei;
@@ -321,13 +329,20 @@ static int __init init_dazukofs_fs(void)
        if (err)
                goto error_out2;
-       err = register_filesystem(&dazukofs_fs_type);
+       err = bdi_init(&dazukofs_dev_info);
        if (err)
                goto error_out3;
+       err = register_filesystem(&dazukofs_fs_type);
+       if (err)
+               goto error_out4;
        printk(KERN_INFO "dazukofs: loaded, version=%s\n", DAZUKOFS_VERSION);
        return 0;
+       bdi_destroy(&dazukofs_dev_info);
@@ -339,6 +354,7 @@ error_out1:
 static void __exit exit_dazukofs_fs(void)
+       bdi_destroy(&dazukofs_dev_info);
        printk(KERN_INFO "dazukofs: unloaded, version=%s\n", DAZUKOFS_VERSION);

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