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[Dazuko-devel] patch 3 for dazukofs release 3.0.0

From: Lino Sanfilippo
Subject: [Dazuko-devel] patch 3 for dazukofs release 3.0.0
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2009 18:53:38 +0200
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Bug description:
If the setuid bit of a file that resided within a dazukofs mount (over an ext3fs) was set
and the file was accessed afterwards a kernel oops appeared.
The reason seemed to be the following:

The dazukofs_setxattr() function sets the attributes of an underlaying filesystems inode by calling the notify_change() function provided by the vfs kernel code (I assume this is done to let the vfs take some default actions in case that the setxattr() function
is not defined for this inode).
The problem is, that the vfs apparently modifies the given attributes in some way
and under some circumstances, before they reach the dazukofs code.

Since the vfs has already passed the attributes to the dazukofs kernel after possibly modifying the attributes _once_, the call back to notify_change() might trigger a _second_ modification (or influence the further processing in some other way) which may result
in the attempt to set invalid values for the inodes attributes.

I think it is quite dangerous to jump back from the dazukofs kernel code to a higher vfs level, anyway, since we can never be sure that the vfs code does not modify
the given parameters somehow.

However, this patch calls the underlaying inodes setxattributes() function directly
and only uses the notify_change function to trigger the vfs default action.

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diff -rup dazukofs-3.0.0-p2/inode.c dazukofs-3.0.0-p3/inode.c
--- dazukofs-3.0.0-p2/inode.c   2009-03-15 18:16:04.000000000 +0100
+++ dazukofs-3.0.0-p3/inode.c   2009-03-15 20:33:44.000000000 +0100
@@ -468,14 +468,28 @@ static int dazukofs_setattr(struct dentr
        struct inode *lower_inode = GET_LOWER_INODE(inode);
        int err;
-       err = notify_change(lower_dentry, ia);
-       fsstack_copy_attr_all(inode, lower_inode, NULL);
-       fsstack_copy_inode_size(inode, lower_inode);
+       if (!lower_inode->i_op || !lower_inode->i_op->setattr) 
+               /* XXX: at this point it is too late to handle inodes properly 
that do NOT
+               specify setattr(). VFS would normally call inode_setattr() in 
+               this case. So to force this we jump back to notify_change which 
+               handle this for us. But this is dangerous:
+               The attributes might be modified by notify_change() in a way
+               that results in invalid attributes. This seems to be the case
+               if the inode for which this function is called has the setuid
+               or setgid bit set */ 
+               err = notify_change(lower_dentry, ia);
+       else 
+               err = lower_inode->i_op->setattr(lower_dentry, ia);
+       if (!err) {
+               fsstack_copy_attr_all(inode, lower_inode, NULL);
+               fsstack_copy_inode_size(inode, lower_inode);
+       } 
        return err;
  * Description: Called by the VFS to set an extended attribute for a file.
  * Extended attribute is a name:value pair associated with an inode. This

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