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[Dazuko-devel] nullfs 0.0.3 posted

From: John Ogness
Subject: [Dazuko-devel] nullfs 0.0.3 posted
Date: Sat, 17 May 2008 09:50:26 +0200
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I have posted 0.0.3 of nullfs. This version now locks the parent inode
when making changes to files. This change will certainly fix race
conditions when a file is modified simultaneously through nullfs and
directly from the layer below it. However, it is still a bad idea to
modify files directly under nullfs (without going through the nullfs
mount) since nullfs is not notified of these changes.

I have also done some significant rearranging of the code to get it
into a style that is apporpriate for Linux mainline. I hope to present
this version to LKML within the next couple weeks.

As I mentioned previously, I am running nullfs to cover most of the
directories on my personal machine. I have not experienced any
problems whatsoever.

John Ogness

Dazuko Maintainer

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