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[Dazuko-devel] MODULE_INFO(supported, "external")

From: Tikka, Sami
Subject: [Dazuko-devel] MODULE_INFO(supported, "external")
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2005 16:25:21 +0200


John, would you like to add the macro in the subject to the dazuko Linux
sources? Apparently it would prevent the printing of "Module not supported by
SUSE/Novell. Kernel tainted" message on SUSE (and possibly others).

If you do not feel it is appropriate to add the macro, I think I will add it
to the dazuko sources we ship with our application. If I do that, do you feel
I should change MODULE_AUTHOR to point to our customer support instead of
address@hidden that it says currently?

Sami Tikka                tel. +358 9 2520 5115 
senior software engineer  fax. +358 9 2520 5014
                          mobile +358 40 7379388
F-Secure Corporation      http://www.f-secure.com

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