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Re: [Dazuko-devel] 2.1.0-pre3 posted

From: Sami Tikka
Subject: Re: [Dazuko-devel] 2.1.0-pre3 posted
Date: Thu, 07 Apr 2005 15:01:23 +0300
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John Ogness wrote:
> I don't understand your attitude. If you have better suggestions, I am
> open for them. The entire Trusted Application Framework was orginally
> developed because your company needed this feature! Don't complain, make
> a good suggestion! Until 2.1.0 is officially released, the new interface
> can still be changed. But please do not expect unsafe or
> platform-specific changes to the Dazuko interface.

My attitude comes from frustration: all suggestions I have made
regarding dazuko have been turned down by you. Perhaps we just see
things very differently. I know I was probably the first to request the
trusted application framework and obviously I am trying to guide the
development of TAF to a direction that would minimize re-work I have to do.

Here is my suggestion, with 2 points:

1) An application could ask to be trusted and the trust extended to its
child processes. The extension of trust to child processes would be

int dazukoRegisterTrusted(const char *groupName, const char *token, int

2) If the dazuko driver detects when a process has died and some other
unrelated process is running using the PID of a trusted process, I could
just ignore the handling of crashed scanner processes. I.e. a process
would remain trusted until the process itself asks not to be trusted
anymore or it has died.

I don't think this is unsafe and anyway it is up to the registered
application to decide if it wants to accept the trust request and extend it.

You probably do not like this suggestion because it uses the concept of

If I am unable to convince you, it is not the end of the world. It will
simply mean it will take longer for me to start shipping our product
with the official dazuko 2.1.0. I will have to ship my version of dazuko
with the trusted PID patch until I have time to implement support for
TAF API. But like I said, that is not the end of the world.

Anyway, spring is finally here and life is good!

Sami Tikka                          tel: +358 9 2520 5115
Senior Software Engineer            fax: +358 9 2520 5013
F-Secure Corporation                http://www.F-Secure.com/
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