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[Dazuko-devel] minor bugs left over from 2.0.1 (testers needed)

From: John Ogness
Subject: [Dazuko-devel] minor bugs left over from 2.0.1 (testers needed)
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2004 12:30:10 +0200
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Well, I thought that 2.0.1 fixed all remaining problems that were introduced with 2.0.0. It turns out it didn't. After doing more extensive testing with older Linux 2.2 kernels and Dazuko's 1.x compatibility mode, I found a couple issues. These only involve older Linux kernels and Dazuko 1.x based software.

Problem 1: 2.0.0-pre4 switched from ioctl() to write() for the Dazuko IO interface. This does not work with Linux 2.2 because write() does not allow multiple simultaneous entries into the kernel. The effect is that having one registered process works, but having more than one registered process won't work. This has been fixed for the next version.

Problem 2: 2.0.0 moved handling of the ioctl() requests into the cross-platform (XP) layer. This also required a change in the code which introduced a bug. The effect is that filenames will always be blank for daemons that are using the 1.x compatibility interface. This has also been fixed for the next version.

Both of these problems came about because new versions are not well tested on all supported platforms. This problem will increase as the number of platforms expands.

It would be nice to have some official testers that could test the pre-releases. This would involve making sure that Dazuko configures correctly, compiles without any warnings, and runs with multiple daemons without any problems (for extended periods of time). Right now I would need official testers for:

Linux 2.2.x
Linux 2.4.x
Linux 2.6.x
FreeBSD 4.x
FreeBSD 5.x

Soon RSBAC support will also be available, so additional testers would be helpful for:

Linux 2.4.x-rsbac
Linux 2.6.x-rsbac

I test all these platforms myself (using 3 different machines, various partitions, and various kernels). However, it would be much better if someone who actually uses Linux 2.2.x on a regular basis could test the Linux 2.2.x Dazuko, for example. Then it is a real world test.

John Ogness

Dazuko Maintainer

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