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[Dazuko-devel] 2.0.1 released, 2.0.2-pre1 posted, RSBAC

From: John Ogness
Subject: [Dazuko-devel] 2.0.1 released, 2.0.2-pre1 posted, RSBAC
Date: Sun, 04 Apr 2004 19:25:38 +0200
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I have released version 2.0.1 of Dazuko. Aside from officially adding FreeBSD 5 support, this version is also a major bugfix version. Although 2.0.0 was in pre-release for quite a long time, it still did not help to catch all the problems. With 2.0.1, all known issues dealing with the switch from 1.2.x to 2.0.0 have been addressed and fixed. These include:

- support for Linux 2.x and 2.4.0-2.4.8 kernels
- various typo/syntax problems in the Makefiles
- bug in FreeBSD resulting in some missed access events
- bug in Linux 2.6 resulting in device not being freed
- bug in Dazuko API causing processes to be registered under a different name than what was given

Although none of these problems are fatal during runtime, they were causing problems when compiling Dazuko (particularly with older Linux kernels). For these reasons, it is recommended that developers begin using the 2.0.1 version. It should be noted that FreeBSD support (for both versions 4 and 5) only includes FreeBSD binaries. File access events from non-FreeBSD binaries will not yet be detected.

I have also posted a pre-release of 2.0.2. This includes some work I did together with Barry Pearce in order to improve Dazuko for applications using the thread-safe API. These improvements focus on situations where the registered process seg faults or is killed with SIGKILL. It also introduces a new abstract daemon identifier so that various extensions can implement process identification however they want. Until now identification was done primarily based on PID's, which in some situations is not always the best. This also paves the way for more exotic systems that may not have PID's or may have "rotating" PID's for processes (checkpointing? distributed?).

Lastly, this weekend I started working on porting Dazuko to RSBAC. I am happy to say that I was successful and I will be integrating this into 2.0.2 of Dazuko. This is good news for RSBAC fans, since they will be able to seemlessly integrate Dazuko. After 2.0.2 is released, I may start making a push for people to try out RSBAC. Even if it is only for the purpose of using Dazuko, RSBAC offers a much more reliable control mechanism than is used with the standard Linux kernels.

John Ogness

Dazuko Maintainer

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