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Dataexplorer with Graupner Polaron Channel 2

From: bernard.waeber
Subject: Dataexplorer with Graupner Polaron Channel 2
Date: Sat, 3 Oct 2020 15:53:32 +0200



I’m running the following configuration:


DataExplorer: V 3.4.3

Graupner Poplaron EX, Master ver. 2a200, Slave : 2a102

Windows10 64

JVM : 1.8.0_261


I’m facing the following problem


Whenever I try to connect to channel 2 and acquire data of the Polaron with DataExplorer, the connection is getting broke, even though DataExplorer is telling “ Waiting for data”, as

soon as the polaron start its function, DataExplorer cuts the connection. This happens only on channel 2


Running DataExplorer on channel 1 of the Polaron, everything works fine, data is being acquired and graphically displayed.


If DataExplorer already runs on channel 1 and data is being captured, then trying to connect to channel 2 of the Polaron, the connection gets broke on channel 1 as well as on channel 2.



Has anyone else come across this behavior ?


Thanks a lot in advance for any help.









Bernard Waeber                       

Rue d'Or 17

CH-Fribourg, 1700

Mobile +41 (0)79 230 58 78



Garanti sans virus.

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