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Bug in SkyRC plugin

From: Виталий -
Subject: Bug in SkyRC plugin
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 2020 16:45:26 +0300

Thanks for your DataExplorer software, it is great!
Looks like there is a bug in version 3.4.1 in SkyRC device plugin: it does not calculate energy value for iMax B6 device family in discharge process of LI & Ni batteries.
Log file says that process is Discharge, but energy is untouched:
2020-04-18 12:13:49.865 000015 FINE    gde.device.skyrc.ImaxB6GathererThread.processDataChannel() - process = Discharge ; subProcess = 
2020-04-18 12:13:49.865 000015 FINE    gde.device.skyrc.IMaxB6USB.convertDataBytes() - untouche Energy
Injected energy handling flag sets in processDataChannel() routine based on getProcessSubType() value. But getProcessSubType() function returns getProcessingType() value if process is not a cycle. getProcessingType() returns value (int)2 for discharge process (LI & Ni batteries), and getProcessSubType() value (int)2 means pause in a cycle. So, processDataChannel() sets flag (byte)-1 (keep energy) for both pause in cycle process and discharge process.
And one more question: as I see based on your java source code of SkyRC devices, you are very well informed in data protocol of this devices. There are several descriptions of SkyRC device's data protocol in public, created by an enthusiasts based on sniffered data, but all of them are incomplete. Could you please link me for a full SkyRC devices data protocol description, or send it to me?
Best regards.

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