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[Dataexplorer-bug] Bug in Polaron Module of GNU Dataexplorer with more t

From: Martin Schmachtel
Subject: [Dataexplorer-bug] Bug in Polaron Module of GNU Dataexplorer with more than 7s LiPo-Cells
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2018 15:09:12 +0200


I am using Dataexplorer on Linux for a few weeks now since I wanted to
get rid of the windows laptop running Logview.

It worked fine on my Graupner Ultra Duo Plus 45 Charger, which I use
to charge my 13s ("48v") LiIon Batteries. Thanks for this fine piece
of software!

Now I have a new Charger, a Graupner Polaron Pro. This connects fine
to Dataexplorer on my Linux Box, but only shows the voltages of the
first 7 cells.

I tried to find the problem in the source code and indeed I think the
values for cells 1-7 get overwritten by the values of cells 8-14 in

I tried to fix this, but it does not seem to work (I now see the
values of cells 1-9, 10-13 still missing) , there must be something I
overlooked. unfortunately I know nothing about the module interface of
DataExplorer and cannot find the time to dive deeper currently.

Can anybody more knowledgeable look into this or point me in the right


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