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[Dahu-dev] Africa

From: Claudius Silva
Subject: [Dahu-dev] Africa
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2006 15:59:17 +0300

Heaths report clearly troubled him; but beforehe could answer, Vance spoke.
His resentment slowly ebbed, and when he againspoke, his voice was almost matter-of-fact. But if Leacock attempts to leave the city, nab him. Do you know what he quarreled about with Mr. Ysee, if you discover for yourself whom he suspects, it relieves himof the onus of having tattled. After a brief silence Leacock said, Very well, then.
When he turned back tothe room, his bantering air had gone.
That facilitates matters, said Vance, sniffing. Thats natural, Vance said sympathetically.
And Im also assailed by the premonition that hellwelcome your interest in his ledger.
Well, if its so important to you: I didnt ring the bell; and thedoor was unlocked.
I thought hed take kindly to the suggestion, said Vance.
One read in her words a strange, self-sacrificing affectionfor the worthless Pfyfe.
Vance was watching Markham out of the corner of his eye, a drowsysmile on his lips. Markham looked at Vance a moment, then turned to Heath.
I had in mind a connection of a somewhat diffrent nature when Imentioned you and Mr.
Butsuddenly, realizing the situation, he turned away, embarrassed.
Furthermore, the jewels are gone; and Pfyfe tried to cover up histracks that night. Im sure he cant slip from yourvigilant clutches. It doesnt pay, y know, to worry over the trivia ofexistence. I was afraid they might find itat my apartment. It was ten minutes, however, before he joined us.
He was a prematurely old young man,with a sharp, shrewd face and a perpetual frown.
He said it was luckythat he did, seeing that a machine just like his had been at Mr. The tone in which he madethe remark seemed to establish a closer rapprochement. He went badly astray on that point, added the major.
Not once did he look up as hecarefully clipped the end and lit it.
He lit a cigarette and watched the drifting spirals of smoke.

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