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[Dahu-dev] guarantee

From: Dorothy Monroe
Subject: [Dahu-dev] guarantee
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2006 17:22:24 -0400

Oh, well, perhaps you wouldnt think it very wonderful. Oh, why dont you take a more cheerful view of life?
Other times it seems such a foolish waste of money.
Ten pounds extra, to stay all my life here as a single woman! Write them down, and you are a Shakespear.
That you were onthat trip round the world?
Now its a pleasure to hearyou say Good morning; and what can I do for you today, MrsBurrell?
Orwould you like a better quality with a Zip fastening? When I want romances I invent them for myself. Well, your second marriage may be an agreeable surprise, mayntit?
What books would you recommend me to read to improve my mind? I said Damn that women: she wont stop talking to me andinterrupting my work. How would you like to live in a room with only onechair in it. I am rather good at making outpeople as a rule; but I cant make head or tail of you.
But you have not acquired any ofthe reserves.
The slapping of those silly things on thedeck destroys the quiet of the ship. You cant do without a general shop here, nor a post office.
Excuse me; butthe chocolates are tuppence, sixpence, and a shilling.
My father told me to blue it all in a lump whileI had the chance. I have been in this shop for less than twominutes.
How much better do you think you will know me when we havetalked for twenty years?
After wehad a telephone put in she never went out at all. If you persecute me any more I shall go overboard.
Some women would provoke anymen to beat them. I believe the man in the cabin next mine beats hiswife. As such, it should not be madeto a boss by his slave. Theres a leaflet in the church, written by the vicar.
I won the first prize in a newspaper competition.
After wehad a telephone put in she never went out at all. You can then make your ownmatrimonial arrangements, and leave me to make mine. If people thought that way, theyd never get married. I dont believe youd ever have bought this shop and given upbeing a gentleman if I hadnt been here.
What I meanis that if it doesnt matter to me it doesnt matter to you either.
What, exactly, do you mean by my second marriage? Well, no matter where you are you are doing the same thing allday and every day, arnt you?
She is undressed forbathing, but is very modestly covered up with a not too flamboyantwrap. By the way, I made aninconsiderate remark which hurt you. Do you mean to say that we have met before?

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