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[Dahu-dev] expletive juror

From: Peggy Byers
Subject: [Dahu-dev] expletive juror
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2006 20:53:01 +0300

As if a porpoise could get inside a basin!
But Im sure I sometimes dont know whats coming over you.
A frauds a fraud, and even if itsthe Queen erself. And now Tilly had probably spoilt everything, by her hasty, ill-consideredaction. But I dont think weought to be discussing her. PANTA REI is the eternaltruth: SEMPER IDEM the lie we long to see confirmed.
Ibelieve it was the going home that changed you. A glance at Richard showed him black as thunder. For GOODNESS sake, let me manage my own affairs! THAT explains the sham diamonds, the rings,the breastpins.
I only want to be left alone, and nothave my friends insulted and turned out of the house.
I couldnt get a word out of im all theway ome. This common, shoddy littleman, already pot-bellied and bald? I haveneeded neither to diet myself for a gouty constitution, nor to coddlemyself in flannel. Is one to go blind and dumb because a fool is under onesroof?
Youcertainly hit the bulls-eye this time, my dear, in providing her withentertainment. But Mahony did not try to conciliate her.
One ofthe two, like herself, had vanished from mortal eyes.
A frauds a fraud, and even if itsthe Queen erself. His hatred of ascene in public amounted to a mania. Tilly sat by the fire in Marys bedroom, her black silk skirts turnedback from the blaze.
But Mahony did not try to conciliate her. She came to us well attested by circlesof the highest standing.
Then, however, another thoughtstruck her.
The other, afull-grown woman in her turn, was now ripe for her fate.
The exaggeration of this statement nettled Mary. I cant tell you; I had nothing to do with it.
For, as usual, Marys solicitude was all for others. In vain did Mary harp on Tillys sterling qualities. Her attitude, for example, to the subject under discussion. Turn up the lights if you dare, cries she:itll kill me. Such a scandalous scene as to-nights, ithas never been my lot to witness.
Phayre, aprominent member of Melbourne society. Who will be able to tell me ALL his little ways. Any one but you wouldunderstand whats happening.
Its not my fault that Ive gone up in the worldand he down. I couldnt get a word out of im all theway ome. And then Im not to open mymouth, or say what I see, or have any opinion of my own. Why, I yearn,dearest, simply yearn to show them a mothers love.
My dear Richard, you only say that because you know youll never haveto!

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