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[Dahu-dev] unattractive navigator

From: Viola Luna
Subject: [Dahu-dev] unattractive navigator
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2006 20:41:00 +1100

You wouldnt want it in your great lovely homeout there.
Pollock to a place where smoke is supposed tobe thick. Captain Higgins hastened to replace the bones with something moreedible. Captain Higgins took three long, odorous pulls at the big cigar.
Its been a long spell since you two runafoul of each other, I guess.
It was a lonely place after nightfall; even thegulls had gone to bed.
This town is loaded to the guards with pig-headed Republicans.
What do you think he is; as big a numbskull asyou be, yourself? So youvegiven up the evenin work, and just work out here on the beachSundays. It was not untilthey came opposite the Higgins front gate that the captain cameout of his reverie. And, as for the old ship, I rather think I might want it.
Captain Tobias, rolling and puffingbeside him, was silent also.
And he wanted more than thebeetle-heads, didnt he?
Judson moving in his long-leggedstride and his companion taking two steps to his one. George Judson looked at his wife and she returned the look.
And its liable to be hard haulin for you up that hill, heprophesied. Kind of hard work to do it up there to the Jim-Carey place, aint it? Another moment of hesitation, particularly noticeable on Georgespart. If I swear once in a whiletwill only be my way of sayin Hooray.
Father used always to have it hung overthe sofa there.

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