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[Dahu-dev] halter lip

From: George Craig
Subject: [Dahu-dev] halter lip
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2006 01:14:56 -0700

For three days Brazos watched Bodkin unobtrusively. All the same I feel as if yu were fightinsomethin yu didnt want me to know. Every hour adds to the doubt and suspicion already working.
Ive a bad reputation an Im liable to be shotany time. Yu lyin tool of thet two-faced cattleman! He might havekilled Keene, but its an even bet that Keene would kill him.
Dont miss seein anybody, but be particularto locate Syvertsen an Orcutt. Every hour adds to the doubt and suspicion already working.
Evenin, lady, said Brazos, taking off his sombrero. Kiskadden, Inskip, and others filed in with grave,grim visages.
That littlematter of putting Bodkin in as sheriff has come up. When he had finished Surface seemed actually to have shrunkenin stature. Without any greeting, Brazos flung a query at the banker. Get off an be at home, answered one young fellow. Butjust the same, he was conscious of Junes observance of him. Listen, whispered this member of the trio. Hank Bilyen followed him out on the porch, and one of the twins caughtup with them.
Bess signed her name and then fell back fainting.
Herface was colourless and showed other signs of havoc. Coglan told me yu was runnin eighty thousand haid. As Brazos ended he read the desperate intent in Orcutts eyes and beathim to a gun. Keene, I did not believe Bess, returned Syvertsen.
Dealing Surface a powerful left-handed blow,Brazos knocked him flat. Tell me when you feel like it or not at all. Yu, too, Kiskadden, an fetch somebody withyu. Then a startling transformation made Surface another man. Despite her deceit she betrayed sincerity as well.
She gazed up at Brazos, fascinated, suddenly bereft of all hateand passion. Its aboot all, men, but not quite, he said as he carefully folded theconfession.
She gave him a glance from superb green eyes that wasnot particularly flattering. The couple hurried on to catch up with the others down the lane. Surfaces visage changed instantly, markedly in colour, monstrously inexpression. I told Bess, and that she must stop your attentions.

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