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[Dahu-dev] puritanical ice

From: Israel Hess
Subject: [Dahu-dev] puritanical ice
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2006 18:27:31 +0530

Turning to rain,Holt announced, looking up at the sky. Andthe way Leslies looking at me, I suppose I ought to add, I had a nicetime.
He went to his closet, removed a tie and drewit around his neck.
Suppose hehovered about in hall, desiring one final word with his former wife.
Would he thenhave departed, leaving door unlocked for any passer-by to enter? The meal was eaten for the most part in silence.
By golly, thats right, agreed the sheriff.
Wonder how well find all the folks at Pineview, the sheriff saidpresently.
Tell me, is there train to Oakland this morning? But hetold me to go back to bed, and forget it. Ah, yes, from murderersstandpoint, this would be wiser course. He turned about, to give Sing the full effect.
You have told me that you and Madame Landini worked on herbiography together. I assuredly did, and I believe he was the man we seek.
He got out his flash-light and, to his surprise, found itstill working.
The falling snow was rapidly covering these tracks, but they seemed freshones, none the less.
Or would he, instead, see new delightful path for blackmailopening up before his dazzled eyes? Wemay as well take this man down to the village. And in my room last night, he said, you, yourself, hinted at knowingsomething, too. I saw a shadowy figure, hurrying up the steps, andfairly running along the road.
And this, I believe,is the fitting day for it.
Had one of his charges escaped from his care? Its windows were closed and shutteredfor the winter, no sign of life was anywhere about it. In spite of his care, however, hisdiscarded weapons may yet tell us much.
All I can say is, Itrust this new murder will speed your search, for speed is what I mostdesire. He despises him, and with manygood reasons. And here I am, too tangled up inmurder to enjoy the thought. Breakfast ready now, announced Sing, from the rear.
I followed hisfootprints to the road, where they turned in this direction. The amateurstudent of trees was again immersed in thoughts of his favorite line ofresearch.
You walked the two miles or more from the Tavern?

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