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[cwriter] help - installation

From: Adrian Wong
Subject: [cwriter] help - installation
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2004 14:30:14 +1100
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after a night of struggling with installing cwriter
(i'm at my 6th session of re-installing cwriter)

i've finally worked out the nuts and bolts of setting it up
i think that there needs to be some documentation to inform users which 
folders and files need their permissions changed. 

now that cwriter is up and running, (i can do everything but create new files)
i only have one problem. 

it is reading my root directory as

rather than

i don't understand french (which could be the main problem)
and my knowledge of php is very basic.

please help!?!?!

i am a uni student and cwriter is perfect for my needs. its just the program i 
was looking for to put together my assignments and other documentats.

thank you!


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