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[devel] project's state

From: Ricardo Markiewicz
Subject: [devel] project's state
Date: Wed, 07 Sep 2005 15:37:28 -0300

Hi all!, searching a GTK/Gnome presentation program to reemplace OO I
found this project and want to help.

I have been using GTK and GnomeCnavas for two year, developing a
circuit's simulation program.

I download and compile succesfuly the CVS version, and as I can see,
there is no way to include elements to a sheet, that is correct?

I see the video showing the text editing feature in 0.0.10, but I can't.
I try double-clicking the text but nothing occurs :S

Another problem I found is that the "Start Presentation" button show a
black screen and do (apparently) nothing. 

Comments are welcome and I'll try to take a look at the source code and
start coding some hacks to get involved.

Thank you and excuse my poor english :)


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