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[devel] Criawips 0.0.10

From: Sven Herzberg
Subject: [devel] Criawips 0.0.10
Date: Thu, 04 Aug 2005 13:13:25 +0200

About Criawips

  Criawips aims to become a full featured presentation that offers the
perfect platform both for small presentations used to explain things to
other people and for big presentations used for commercial

  Thus it should become easy to use, provide a good integration with
other applications to become a presentation platform that can compete
with commercial applications like MS PowerPoint, OpenImpress and Apple's

  Criawips is based upon the GNOME development platform [1] and some
libraries from GNOME Office [2].

About this Release

Criawips 0.0.10

New Features and Fixed Bugs:
 * Text cannot get out of the slide
 * Improve reference counting and reduce memory leaks
 * Text is editable

User Interface:
 * F5 starts the presentation (just like in Powerpoint)
 * Keyboard navigation in text elements

 * Depend on GTK+ 2.6
 * Added a CriaLepton (a ref-counted kind of gquark)
 * Some code reorganization
 * Build the doc credits the way it's meant to be (thanks to Shaun)
 * Use G_DEFINE_TYPE(_WITH_CODE) more often

Application Translations:
 * en_GB: Gareth Owen
 * el:    Kostas Papadimas, new
 * es:    Luis Benitez Leva
 * nb:    Sigurd Gartmann, new
 * ne:    Pawan Chitrakar, new
 * no:    Sigurd Gartmann, new
 * nl:    Tino Meinen
 * rw:    Steve Murphy, new

User Manual Translation:

Criawips 0.0.9 (Unreleased)

New Features and Fixed Bugs:
 * Plug several memory leaks
 * Initialize preferences correctly (bug 156701)
 * The slide list implements the tree model completely (bug 157374)
 * Criawips can now save files (bug 158450)
 * The text pane doesn't force big window sizes when we have long window
   (bug 160720)
 * Open multiple presentations from a file chooser (bug 163172)
 * Don't quit the application when one of multiple main windows gets
   (bug 163175)
 * Added Font formatting
 * Presentations can now run automatically and in infinite loops
 * Automated presentations can be stopped and resumed
 * Disable Screensaver while running a presentation
 * Presentations can be opened by drag and drop
 * Added a user manual and make it translatable with gnome-doc-utils

User Interface:
 * Type ahead works in the slide list
 * Added focus handling for blocks renderers in the slide renderer
 * Added "save as" menu item
 * Saved files are now added to the recent items too
 * Added a busy cursor when opening a presentation, hide the open dialog
 * New presentations are now enumerated
 * PageDown can create new slides if you're at the end of a presentation
 * The slide list can be toggled on and off
 * The zoom list is in the toolbar now
 * Windows are restored in their size and position
 * The sidebar size is saved/restored
 * The zoom level is saved/restored
 * Display help for menu items in the status bar
 * Listen to GNOME's menu settings: menus_have_tearoff property,
   detach_menubars, detach_toolbars

 * Have a structure that contains background information
 * added renderer classes, so specific code for rendering a block/slide/
   background is in a specific class for this purpose
 * Added a debugging library that makes debugging a bit easier
 * Several generic code improvements
 * Depend on an external libgoffice
 * Build developers and document writers lists automatically

Application Translations:
 * cs:    Miroslav Trmac
 * de:    Frank Arnold
 * en_CA: Adam Weinberger
 * en_GB: David Lodge
 * es:    Francisco Javier F. Serrador
 * fr:    Adrien Beaucreux
 * hu:    Reviczky Ádám János, new
 * ja:    Takeshi AIHANA
 * nl:    Tino Meinen
 * pt_BR: Raphael Higino
 * zh_CN: Funda Wang

User Manual Translations:
 * de: Sven Herzberg, Frank Arnold, new

Get Criawips

  Criawips' development takes place on the savannah platform [4]. The
source code is located at the GNOME CVS repository [5].



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