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Re: [devel] Criawips

From: Sven Herzberg
Subject: Re: [devel] Criawips
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2005 15:25:43 +0200


  there is several information for you:

1. Criawips is still being developed (i have got a small sub-project which i 
think i will finish within the next weeks and commit it then).

2. Version 0.0.9 is a snapshot that I made before changing some internal 
things. It hasn't been released yet because it depends on libgoffice which 
hasn't had a release yet either (but Jody is working on this).

3. I don't recommend packaging criawips for your distribution as it is still 
not in a shape that I would like to be seen by end users (just imagine how 
useful they will find a presentation application that still doesn't have 

4. You're welcome to improve criawips by compiling it, testing it, committing 
bug reports, back traces etc. (my GDB is broken, so I have certain problems to 
get a backtrace)

5. Please subscribe to this list if you want to post here; I cannot promise to 
always find the one ham mail within 15 spam mails (like I did today).


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From: Gad Kadosh <gad>
To: address@hidden
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2005 22:32:19 +0300
Subject: [devel] Criawips


I would like to know if this project is still progressing (as it appears 
from gnome cvs), since I want to package it for my distro.
The website of criawips looks out dated though, latest news from 3/11/04, 
about release 0.0.8a, and I see there's 0.0.9 already according to cvs - but 
don't know where the sources are...


Gad Kadosh

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