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[devel] Criawips 0.0.8

From: Sven Herzberg
Subject: [devel] Criawips 0.0.8
Date: Tue, 02 Nov 2004 10:29:00 +0100


About criawips

  Criawips aims to become a full featured presentation that offers the
perfect platform both for small presentations used to explain things to
other people and for big presentations used for commercial

  Thus it should become easy to use, provide a good integration with
other applications to become a presentation platform that can compete
with commercial applications like MS PowerPoint, OpenImpress and Apple's

  Criawips isbased upon the GNOME development platform [1] and some
libraries from GNOME Office [2].

About this release

  Versio 0.0.8 is a snapshot release of current development code. So
don't expect a full-featured application yet. This release is mostly
some "get the code frozen for the presentations on LWE and
Linux-Info-Tag" last week.

New Features and Fixed Bugs:
  * Criawips now searches images in a path relative to the presentation, you
    don't have to put them into the working directory anymore (Sven Herzberg)
  * WARNING: Criawips dropped the support of opening symlinks at the moment
    because we were just using a workaround for a bug in libgsf, libgsf
    version (1.10.1)+1 should fix that automatically (both for presentations
    and for images).
  * Added a man page (Sven Herzberg)
  * Support for font color and vertical alignment (Sven Herzberg)
  * Recent files support (Keith Sharp)
  * Choose the default font for presentations from a preferences dialog (Adrien
    Beaucreux and Sven Herzberg)
  * Create new slides and rename them
  * We have some kinds of slide templates (master slides)

User Interface:
  * display the presentations title in the window title. If it's not set,
    display the filename, if the title is not set (new file): unsaved 
    (Sven Herzberg)
  * change the presentation's title through File->Properties (Sven Herzberg)
  * edit slide titles through the slide list (Sven Herzberg)
  * Use GtkActionManagerUI for the main window's toolbars and menus

  * all sizes are now stored as master coordinates, this means that everything
    should be resolution independent, even the font size (this makes us way
    cooler than mgp is :) (Sven Herzberg)
  * We got rid of the stupid SlideBlock/LayoutBlock stuff. These classes have
    merged to be a Block now (we have 500+ lines now for this stuff, it have
    been 1000+). (Sven Herzberg)
  * The slide list side bar now uses a SlideListProxy structure, which listens
    to changes of the presentation, this removed some nasty bugs and works a
    lot faster than before.

  * ca:    Xavier Conde Rueda, new
  * cs:    Miloslav Trmac, update
  * de:    Frank Arnold, update
  * en_CA: Adam Weinberger, update
  * en_GB: David Lodge, update
  * es:    Francisco Javier F. Serrador
  * fr:    Adrien Beaucreux, update
  * it:    Alessio Frusciante, new
  * nl:    Tino Meinen, update
  * pa:    Amanpreet Singh Alam, new
  * pt_BR: Raphael Higino, update
  * ja:    Takeshi AIHANA, new

Get Criawips

  Criawips' development takes place on the savannah platform [4]. The
source code is located at the GNOME CVS repository [5].


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