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[devel] Maybe this was already covered in the past ...but...

From: Johnathan Bailes
Subject: [devel] Maybe this was already covered in the past ...but...
Date: Fri, 01 Aug 2003 02:39:53 -0000

Has anyone given thought to creating a true user interface to the
MagicPoint project using its engine as a backend.  You can look at it as
a dependency or you can pick a branch of the MagicPoint software and
distribute its core with your software under a /usr/lib/criawips

This way you can focus on the front end.  You have a file format to work
with .mgp and you are giving yourself a serious headstart.  The two big
tasks facing you after that is designing a proper canvas and porting
over the filters for the PowerPoint M$ format from the OpenOffice guys.

Just a thought.  Love to see this project hit stride and take off.  

Johnathan Bailes <address@hidden>

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