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Re: [devel] Why should the editing canvas do animation?

From: msevior
Subject: Re: [devel] Why should the editing canvas do animation?
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2003 09:35:17 +1000 (EST)

> Yo!
> I went over sven's discussion of why agnubis failed and I came up with a
> few questions and suggestions. First is regarding the diacanvas and the
> animation. It seems to me that there should be two types of canvases.
> first is the editing canvas and second is the presenting canvas. so only
> when presenting do we need to have the animation feature and not when
> editing. From what I understand its not that hard to implement a canvas
> that does nothing but rendering the internal data structure, even with
> animation. On the other hand editing seems a little more tricky.
> so , basically I suggest adding another canvas for displaying in full
> screen what we have created with the editor.
> This time around with the help of people like Jody and Dom I am very
> optimistic about the future of criawips.

Hi Nadav,
         At first glance it might seem easy to take something like dia and
generalize it into a presentation program, but that would would
really be selling it too short.

Users would want to be able to do genuine WYSIWYG text entry, with fonts,
boldness, Bullet lists, numbered list, symbols, tables, maths etc.

To do that you really need a Word Processing Engine. I think I've
convinced Sven of this.

That is a good reason to base his approach on the AbiWord PieceTable and
layout classes.

Another advantage of doing this is that we would work with a large,
knowlegeable and very active community who would love a presentation
based on the Abi framework.

I expect a lot of help to come out from the AbiWord community.



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